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 The most common frequency range of freebanding operation is
between 25 and 28 MHz. Make sure that you don't go beyond 27.999 and below 25 MHz because you will interfear with adjacent amateur radio bands. Many operators use these frequencies to escape the congestion of the regular 40 channels. You can really hear this in times of high skip. Also, from time to time you will hear international DX on these frequencies because they are the normal operating frequencies for many other countries.

    CB Radio Operators using CB Radio, the 40-channel CB Radio service serves as a valuable means for roadside assistance. One of the fastest ways to make radio contact out on the highways is over CB Radio. Out on the open highway, the trucking industry makes good use of CB Radio by constantly using and monitoring specific frequencies, usually those between Channel 9 and Channel 23. With thousands of truckers using these channels, it's a cinch for the motorist, hiker, or base station to summon help. The truckers are quick to come to the aid of someone calling "Mayday" on one of their often-used channels. Many of these overland carriers also have cellular phones so they may be able to quickly relay your call to the proper authorities.   

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